Aheeva Completes Broadsoft Interoperability

Aheeva Completes Broadsoft Interoperability

We are constantly on the lookout for companies that share our same obsession with providing high quality solutions. Our vision is to team with best-in-class solution providers to build a larger ecosystem for our customers. Broadsoft is a leader in our industry and we are pleased to announce that we have completed Broadsoft interoperability validation with BroadWorks Release 22.0. A.

BroadSoft is the technology innovator in cloud PBX, unified communications, team collaboration, and contact center solutions for businesses and service providers around the world. They are the market share leader for cloud unified communications with an open, mobile and secure platform used by 25 of the world’s top 30 service providers.

“We are delighted to have completed interoperability testing between Aheeva 7.5 and the Broadworks platform,”  said Chris Meyers, President of Aheeva.  “As our customers’ needs continue to evolve and become more complex, interoperability with industry leading companies like Broadsoft are critical for Aheeva.  We know that, many times, they don’t need just a single solution, they need a number of solutions to come together to provide a total end-to-end experience. Put simply, this interop gives our customers powerful contact center & PBX solutions.”

Building Awesome Contact Center Software

Spend a day with our team and you will hear sentences like this one.  This has long been our commitment to you.  Many times this is done through the addition of a great new feature that our customers have been looking for.  But sometimes the best way to improve a product is to align with key industry leaders like Broadsoft. For Aheeva, this sort of interoperability with Broadsoft and others opens up new features and functionality that are simply unavailable for companies in our space that may have chosen to go it alone.

The Power of Great Platforms Working Together

You also saw the benefit of this vision recently when we implemented Twitter support as part of our commitment to social media integration into our 7.5 release.   As that feature matures, support for industry leaders such as Facebook, LinkedIn and others will be a key component.  Whether it be social media support, an industry-leading platform like Broadworks, a CRM, or an ERP, the power of great platforms working together is undeniable.
If you’re currently a Broadsoft customer, or are interested in finding out more about our Broadworks interoperability validation, please contact your Aheeva account manager to find out details.  Full documentation is available that will walk you through setting up our solution on Broadworks 22.0.A.