AheevaCCS V7.5 Has Arrived

AheevaCCS V7.5 Has Arrived!

With 15+ years of experience, selling in more than 40 countries worldwide, we know the challenges of your contact center first-hand. Expectations for a positive customer experience are higher than ever. This puts pressure on contact centers to improve their customer experience and meet or exceed the expectations of their customers. Not long ago, those expectations were for attributes as straightforward as knowledgeable reps and short hold times. Customers started demanding online chat a few years ago. Now, your customers expect to reach you over social media channels.

We all know that social media isn’t just for teens sending Snapchats to each other, looking up an old flame on Facebook, or proud parents sharing baby pictures. In fact, many of you already use social media in your marketing campaigns today.

That’s because, for many of your customers, it is the primary portal by which they interact with the world around them. According to recent research, the average social media user spends over 2 hours on social platforms every day.

In some countries, social media represents such an overwhelming share of internet traffic that it’s essentially replacing company websites as the primary online source prospects and customers might visit for more information.

“As social media evolves, so do customer experience channels. End users aren’t satisfied with just voice and online chat any longer. They expect to be able to use social media to interact with companies in near-real time.” says Chris Myers, CEO of Aheeva. “For many call centers, that has historically meant costly manual processes that often result in a poor customer experience due to missed follow-ups or customer needs being lost in the system.”

Not any longer.

Today, we are pleased to announce our latest upgrade to CCS, version 7.5. This milestone version will provide full social media support, including Twitter. We plan to release facebook and other social channels in the near future.

In 7.5, social media integration allows your reps to easily be a part of social media conversations. These interactions may involve general questions, complaints, or even opportunities for future sales.

Not only will your contact center reps have the ability to interact with and track conversations happening on social platforms and, as a manager, but you’ll also be able to analyze and generate reports on it, just as you do with voice and chat today.

Aheeva has been helping you achieve this since 2000 with an award-winning feature set. And now, with 7.5, we’ve upped the ante with social media support. As technology continues to advance at an astounding rate, we at Aheeva have responded by increasing the rate at which we are offering new features to our customers. Social media support is a key piece of that puzzle.

In addition to social media, we’ve upgraded the media gateway to Asterisk 14, which not only will fix bugs present in Asterisk 13, but will also allow for improved functions within the media path and enable us to add more functionality and improve key features, such as conferencing. In total, more than 30 bugs were fixed, helping to ensure a much-improved experience for Aheeva users.

Reach out to your account manager today to find out more about this exciting release at Aheeva.