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Agent Scripting

Scripts ensure consistency throughout agents and improve customer experience

Scripting is an important tool used to ensure your agents are providing a consistent message across the organization and your customers are receiving the best experience possible. Our flexible system is easy to setup and customize.

Scripts are a great tool to reduce training costs and gets your agents productive on the phone faster, which improves ROI. Our tool works for inbound or outbound calls and delivers reproducible and scalable results for your contact center.


  • Get your campaign operational quickly

  • Choose between customizing our templates and creating your own scripts

  • Get your campaign operational quickly by saving the time of your IT team

  • Generate as many pages of scripts as you wish

  • Benefit from a powerful and complete tool adapted to the needs and specificities of your various campaigns

  • Add text fields, lists, images, page backgrounds, etc.

  • Add additional call qualifications without having to modify the script