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Integrate AheevaCCS into any of your enterprise applications

When the integration of AheevaCCS is complete, a comprehensive set of tests is performed to make sure that the installed solution covers the whole predefined functional spectrum.

The option to include the configuration of your office telephony or the implementation of an interface with one of your business-specific applications (CRM, ERP) is also available in the integration phase.

Aheeva Project Management Methodology

To ensure the success of our integration projects, our methodology leans towards the practices recommended by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

In order to assess and to evaluate all the functional and technical needs, we ask the customer to fill in a standardized evaluation form.

Once this form is completed, we create a complete Project Plan including the detailed project scope, the technical recommended architecture, the main milestones, the projected schedule as well as a communication plan.

The customer and Aheeva review and validate the Project Plan before proceeding to the next phases.  The success of a project relies on good communication. Throughout the project, regular meetings are organized between the various stakeholders, to share the information and to ensure an effective follow-up.

The deployment of the project is made only after the execution and the validation of an UAT (User Acceptance Testing), which guarantees to the customer that the delivered solution covers the whole scope validated by both parties and therefore meets all of his needs.