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The Aheeva Inbound solution delivers client bliss

We live in the age of the customer, where good service is more vital than ever. Aheeva reduces processing times by intelligently connecting your clients with the most qualified agent, empowering you to deliver customer experiences that create loyalty and exceed expectations.

  • Quickly create personalized customer journeys with our Visual IVR builder that you can easily modify.

  • All the tools to monitor your operations in with real-time precision and the power of historical statistics.

  • Data from various sources delivered to your agents so they can efficiently make sales and “deliver customer bliss”.


  • Visual IVR Builder

  • AQD with “Smart Delivery”

  • Skill-based Routing

  • Business Hours Routing

  • Agent Scripting

  • Assign Call Priorities

  • “Agent Anywhere” Capabilities

  • In-queue Messages

  • Wait Time Annoucement

  • Estimated Wait Times

  • Virtual Hold – Client Callback

  • Call Recording

  • Real-Time & Historical Reports

  • Post Call QA & Auditing

  • Extensive Administration Tools

  • Spy/Whisper/Barge

  • Integrate 3rd Parties

  • Integrate CRMs

Visual IVR

Our visual editor makes it easy to design and maintain IVRs

Aheeva’s visual IVR enables you to offer your customers a personalized greeting and route them to the right agent. Customers navigate the vocal menus that collect information and allow them to specify their request or direct their call to the agent who is the most qualified to meet their needs.

Our IVRs permit self-service, enable segmentation through interactive exchanges and make it easy to deliver high-quality customer service.

This reduces the number of calls to your agents by relieving them of simple information requests such as your address, location, business hours, etc.



  • Increases first contact resolution

  • Increases customer service efficiency

  • Improves agent productivity

  • Increases inbound capacity

  • Reduces operational costs

  • Increases professionalism

  • Permits self-service

  • Increases customer satisfaction

  • Visual editor to create and modify your routes.

  • Defining the business rules that control the distribution of the calls.

  • Unlimited branching and personalization options to deliver unique experience

  • Customers’ inquiries matched with specific agent skills.

  • Waiting time reduction and control of every stage of your inbound calls.

  • Increased customer satisfaction and optimized campaigns.

Automatic Queue Distribution

Efficiently route interactions with our Multi-channel AQD

The AQD functionality is a key component of the Aheeva platform. Using multiple criteria, it constantly monitors agent status and quickly connects callers (and website chats) to the most qualified person. The end result is efficient call or chat resolutions, which leads to a better user experience and happier customers.



  • Optimized routing (caller to agent)

  • Increase efficiency

  • Faster response times to calls

  • Increased agent productivity

  • Streamlined business processes

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Flexible queuing system that allows multiple criteria to be defined.

  • Skill-based routing sends calls to the most qualified agents

  • Agents can receive calls from multiple queues.

  • Configurable hold music and periodic announcements.

  • Virtual Hold automatically calls back customers when they are next in line.

  • Forced & non-forced call delivery.

  • Configurable call data delivery to agent.

  • Queue exit based on DTMF allows callers to be called back at a later time.

  • Ability to prioritize calls based on queue.

Chat Overview

Serve your customers on their terms with chat

Customers are evolving and so are their needs. Not all customers need or want to communicate via the phone. The Aheeva Chat solution enables you to serve your customers on their terms. Our chat platform adds an additional channel for you to interact with your clients and enables you to on to provide an excellent customer service to your clients.



  • Comes standard with deployments (no additional licensing required)

  • More options for clients

  • Increase agents productivity

  • Improve the communication with the customers

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Decrease waiting time for customer

  • Have a complete solution to deal with your clients

  • Agents can handle inbound/outbound calls and chat.

  • Agents can chat and remain available to receive a call.

  • Agents can transfer a chat to another agent, supervisor or a line of business.

  • Three way conference of a chat session.

  • Supervisor can monitor live, send private message to agent and join the chat session.

  • All chats are recorded and archived.

  • Easy to integrate to a website.

  • Ability to setup global canned responses as well as specific responses for each line of business.