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Management Overview

Tools to monitor your operations and train your agents

The need for Quality Management tools is not a new concept. Good QM is the cornerstone of a well run contact center. Quality drives customer satisfaction, which leads to customer loyalty and higher ROIs and profits.

Aheeva’s QM is a proven platform that enables a short feedback loop so that your management team can ensure that agents have the necessary skills, the attitude and the motivation to meet you organization’s objectives.


  • Comes standard with deployments (no additional licensing required)

  • Coaching agents in real-time shortens training duration

  • Identify areas to improve for higher quality of service

  • Refine business processes and quickly identify necessary adjustments for better performance

Empower managers with actionable operational results in real-time

Aheeva’s QM platform gives supervisors the tools to monitor real-time operational data. Supervisors have access to all the operational data and have the ability to take action.

  • Manage your contact center and interact with agents from anywhere there is Internet

  • More effective supervisors that have the tools to deliver real-time feedback to agents

  • Actively manage and measure the quality and the productivity of daily operations

  • Increase contact quality and deliver better customer service

  • Real-time dashboards

  • Live coaching

  • 100% web-based

Evaluation forms ensure fairness & consistency across your company

Aheeva evaluation forms allow you to monitor and track key business metrics. Contact center managers can quickly and easily create web-based dynamic forms that will gather call center data on the quality of its services and the satisfaction of its customers, without the requiring resources from IT or developers.

  • A standardized process that allows you to consistently coach, score and evaluate your agents

  • Personalize forms to fit campaigns or, in case of customer services, one or more queues

  • No limit to the amount of forms you are able to build

  • Calibrations ensure fairness within your staff, vital in providing a consistent customer experience

Call recording ensures that you maintain compliance and enables post call QM

Aheeva Call Recording is the foundation that gives businesses insight into their operations, changes agent behavior and maintains compliance throughout the organization.

Our solution records 100% of your contact center operations and keeps them safe by encrypting them. It is possible to search, sort, and filter recordings to listen to any conversation that took place during your operations.

Adhere to compliance requirements:

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)

  • Do-Not-Call Act & Telemarketing Sales Rule

  • Fair Debt Collection Practices and Telemarketing Sales Rules

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)