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Management Overview

AheevaCCS is the software we have counted to run our business for the last 10 years. They continue to deliver results and allow us to serve our customers well.

Ibrahim Mohktar, Wasla Outsourcing

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Tools to monitor your operations and train your agents

The need for Quality Management (QM) tools isn’t a new concept, good QM is the cornerstone of a well run contact center. Furthermore, it is widely accepted that quality drives customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction drive customer loyalty and combined they drive higher ROIs and bigger profits.

Aheeva’s QM is a proven platform that enables a short feedback loop so your management team can make sure agents have the information, the necessary skills, the attitude and the motivation to meet you organization’s objectives.

  • Comes standard with deployments (no additional licensing required)

  • Coaching agents in real-time shortens training duration

  • Identify areas to improve for higher quality of service

  • Refine business processes and quickly identify necessary adjustments for better performance

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