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Outbound Overview


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More sales and bigger profits with advanced dialer technology

Agent productivity and talk time are key metrics when it comes to measuring the efficiency of your outbound contact center and Aheeva excels in both. Agents spend time talking to clients instead of wasting time dialing and waiting.

The Aheeva Outbound solution is a flexible tool.  When combined with our high accuracy answering machine detection,  predictive dialing agent productivity can increase by 300%.

  • Significantly boost agent productivity.

  • Maintain regulatory compliance for your outbound campaigns.

  • Used and trusted by large BPOs & Collection Firms around the world.

  • All the tools to monitor operations with real-time precision and the power of historical statistics.

  • Improves the profitability of your contact center.

  • Optimizes your human resources and reduces your costs.


  • Predictive Dialer

  • Preview Dialer

  • Progressive Dialer

  • Answering Machine Detection

  • Blending Mode

  • Agent Scripting

  • Call Recording

  • Agent Supervision

  • Call treatments

  • Data Import

  • Dialer List Management

  • Campaign & List Management

  • DNC Compliance

  • Filters

  • Quality Monitoring

  • Historical Reporting

  • Real-Time Reporting

  • Spy/Whisper/Barge

  • At-Home Agents

  • Integrate CRMs

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