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AheevaCCS is the software we have counted to run our business for the last 10 years. They continue to deliver results and allow us to serve our customers well.

Ibrahim Mohktar, Wasla Outsourcing

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All the data you need to make smarter decisions

Data & Reporting is an essential piece of any good contact center, it is the fuel that drives business decisions. Aheeva reports deliver tools that give you insight into performance, helps you spot trends and helps you track KPIs. Our data provides you with better management and process control. Be it historical or real-time information, Aheeva delivers detailed reporting that enables you to run your contact center better.

  • Choice of publishing real-time report or on a daily, monthly, annual basis.

  • Save time by using our pre-formatted reports.

  • Access all the information needed to create other types of reports.

  • Review your success by measuring your performance in detail, in real-time or through historical data.


  • Reports by agent or by agent group: information about the various statuses (on-line, break…).

  • Summaries of the various activities by agent or by group of agents (how long the agent was talking with the customer, etc…).

  • Specific outbound and inbound campaign reports.

  • Reports on the calling lists for outbound campaigns (handled callbacks, ended, planned, remaining records).

  • Reports on queues.

  • The call details table allows you to get all the information needed to create your own personalized reports.

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