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The data you need to make smarter decisions

Data & Reporting is essential to a good contact center – it is the fuel that drives business decisions. Aheeva reports deliver tools that give insight, help discover trends and track KPIs. Data reports provide better management and process control.

  • Choice of publishing real-time report or on a daily, monthly, annual basis

  • Save time by using pre-formatted reports

  • Access the information needed to create other types of reports

  • Monitor success by measuring performance in detail, in real-time or through historical data


  • Reports by agent or by agent group: information about the various statuses (online, break, etc)

  • Summaries of the various activities delivered by an agent or group of agents

  • Specific outbound and inbound campaign reports

  • Reports on the calling lists for outbound campaigns

  • Reports on queues

  • Create personalized reports

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