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Visual IVR

Our visual editor makes it easy to design and maintain IVRs

Aheeva’s visual IVR enables you to offer your customers a personalized greeting and route them to the right agent. Customers navigate the vocal menus that collect information and allow them to specify their request or direct their call to the agent who is the most qualified to meet their needs.

Our IVRs permit self-service, enable segmentation through interactive exchanges and make it easy to deliver high-quality customer service.

This reduces the number of calls to your agents by relieving them of simple information requests such as your address, location, business hours, etc.



  • Increases first contact resolution

  • Increases customer service efficiency

  • Improves agent productivity

  • Increases inbound capacity

  • Reduces operational costs

  • Increases professionalism

  • Permits self-service

  • Increases customer satisfaction

  • Visual editor to create and modify your routes.

  • Defining the business rules that control the distribution of the calls.

  • Unlimited branching and personalization options to deliver unique experience

  • Customers’ inquiries matched with specific agent skills.

  • Waiting time reduction and control of every stage of your inbound calls.

  • Increased customer satisfaction and optimized campaigns.